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Big Smile Ambassadors: Jon from Warwickshire 😊

  • 2 min read


Meet Jon from Warwickshire

The Bam&Boo member since April 2018

We are extremely honored to introduce Jon as our Big Smiles Ambassador. He is a loyal member of our The Bam&Boo tribe and a role model for taking small steps in his daily life to create a more sustainable world. Follow his eco-journey here.

Jon started bychanging his food habits and he aims at gettinga more eco-friendly method of transportation to live more sustainably. Environmental awareness runs in the family, since helooks up to his sister as a Planet Guardian. Jon’s eye-catching smile convinced us that he definitely earns the title of Big Smile Ambassador. Keep it up!

1. Who do you look up to as a Planet Guardian? 

Sounds cheesy, butGreta Thunbergis showing the difference one passionate person can make. She's even shown that being a youngster is no barrier to fighting for something you believe in 👌🏽 closer to home my sister is also a great role model in that respect.

2. How did your eco-journey start?

Started with information. I was given info that showed the damage eating animal products does to your health. After I'd turned vegan I then started seeing more and more info about the damage we do to the environment.

3.What’s the most difficult habit or product to let go to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle?

For me, getting a more eco-friendly method of transportation. 

4. Send The Bam&Boo a message in your native language.

Hey guys, thanks for all thetoothbrushes 👋🏽🐼

5. What book, song, movie or app do you recommend for 2020?

It's not new but a movie called Selma, if you haven't seen it. It's about Martin Luther King, really powerful and appropriate, but again shows how people can be such a force for change.


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 I want to be a Big Smile Ambassador :)

You may freely choose whatever question appeals to you - all, a few or just one :) Either way, we’ll be very happy for the precious time you’ve dedicated to this. And please it is very important to attach your photo with The Bam and Boo product to make us smile.


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