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Big Smile Ambassadors: Maria from Alicante 😊

  • 3 min read

Meet Maria from Alicante

The Bam&Boo member since April 2018

We are extremely honored to introduce Maria as our Big Smiles Ambassador. She is a loyal member of our The Bam&Boo tribe and a role model for taking small steps in her daily life to create a more sustainable world. Follow her eco-journey here.

Maria’s eco-journey started whenadopting a plant-based diet. Since then there’s no looking back.Investing in a water osmosis systemis a family goal to eliminate bottled water. What an inspiration! She lives in a rural area, with no public transport, so not using her car is difficult, butshe aims to buy an electric carto have a more sustainable lifestyle. Mother of three, Maria shares the happy and fun family moment when receiving The Bam&Boo order with random color toothbrushes.Nos encanta tu familia, Maria! 

1. What’s your favorite The Bam&Boo toothbrush hashtag?


2. Share your 2020 Bucket list - Five steps to reduce your ecological footprint

  • Water Osmosis system in our home to eliminate buying bottled water.
  • Buying from the local fruit and vegetable markets to reduce the use of plastic bags.
  • SharingThe Bam&Boo products with as many people as possible.
  • Not consuming any takeaway coffee/smoothies unless it is eco-friendly or biodegradable cups.
  • Plant-based eating for myself and my family.

3. How do you feel when you receive The Bam&Boo order?

My whole family loves it. Especially my three children. There is always an argument in who gets which color every time we receive an order!

4. Who do you look up to as a Planet Guardian?

I think there are many, and plenty that are not even known or celebrated. Anyone advocating plant-based eating (from those in the fitness and nutrition industries to athletes, actors, chefs...). Also, companies that are constantly developing innovative products that help reduce our carbon footprint.

5. How did your eco-journey start?

Through converting to a plant-based diet about two years ago, through my nutritionist. Since then there has been no looking back.

6. What’s the most difficult habit or product to let go to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle?

As a race, we all consume/purchase far too much of EVERYTHING. From food to cosmetic products, to clothes to the amount that we travel and the means of transportation that we use. There needs to be a radical change and everyone needs to become more conscious of how they live their daily lives, in order to have a more sustainable lifestyle. For the young, it may be hard to stop with the cheap "fast fashion". For me, it would be not using my car. As I live in a rural area and I am very isolated with no public transport. However, my next car will be electric.

7. Send The Bam&Boo🐼👧🏻 a message.

Every single day we all get to make choices. I absolutely love your philosophy and your toothbrushes. Mine makes me smile every single time I brush my teeth! And I am so glad that my family and I are making our small contribution to helping improve this beautiful planet that we call home. Thank you so much and keep doing what you are doing!

8. We’d love to hear how you have reused one of your The Bam&Boo toothbrushes.

I use them for cleaning! And my daughter uses hers as an eyebrow brush once it has been disinfected with tea tree oil!

9. What book, song, movie, or app do you recommend for 2020?

Biohackers Handbook






10. What’s the quote inspiring you right now?

"If you are aiming at the top, consistency is the name of the game" (Olawale Daniel)


If you’d like to be one of our Big Smile Ambassadors, just answer to this questionaire:

 I want to be a Big Smile Ambassador :)

You may freely choose whatever question appeals to you - all, a few or just one :) Either way, we’ll be very happy for the precious time you’ve dedicated to this. And please it is very important to attach your photo with The Bam and Boo product to make us smile.

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