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16 Ideas for a Sustainable Christmas

  • 5 min read

16 Ideas for a Sustainable Christmas | The Bam&Boo Blog | Bam&Boo Bamboo Toothbrush

2022 Christmas will be more environmentally and socially conscious than ever.  We’ll make it as human and healthy as we urgently need.

Spending patterns at Christmas have changed prior to the pandemic cutting out cost and waste. But this is more true today. Take note ofthree stellar reasons for a sustainable festive season:

1. Minimize health risks - it will be the most digital Xmas holiday for shopping. For your own safety, the in-store experience must be reduced or consciously balanced. Shopping online is key to environmental-friendly, savvy and safe gift buying. You’ll avoid last-minute logistical nightmares which normally drive up costs. And most important: protect yourself and others.

2. Value for money - The harsh economic setback caused by COVID-19 worldwide will certainly impact on consumers’ choices globally. Focus on necessities rather than nice-to-haves will be even more important this Christmas. And we strongly believe that it can be magical. 

3. Have yourselfan eco-friendly Xmas - A green Christmas typically heightens our awareness for sustainability. Plastic-free, reusable, recyclable, vegan or charity-based products are indeed the ultimate way to feel good this holiday season. 

Our sweet Boo girl loves Christmas as every child and looks forward to welcoming Santa’s sleigh packed with gifts. However, our wise Bam panda has already explained to her that this year even old Santa has to protect himself and elves can’t be working so close together. But there will be surprises and most of all love will prevail. Let’s make it happen!

To give or not to give, it’s not the question!

You could just show up or celebrate this holiday season with no present, because it’s the thought and feelings that count, right? By all means. Still, we can give in ethical and conscious ways. Take time to select your favourite well-meaning and sustainable gifts.

Better early than last-minute panic 

Get ready for boarding in a safe online journey worldwide. How amazing is this? Make sure you check-in early to guaranteed delivery times of your favourite picks. And enjoy this stress-free shopping experience, combining our love for the Planet, Nature and the Ocean.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Awesome tip from Benjamin Franklin back in the 1700s.  So real in this day and age. Spending a small amount of time and effort early on is a good investment. It can save you more trouble and protects your health in the end.

Give love for the Planet 

Why do corals matter? Corals are the lungs of the ocean. Wherever we are on the planet, half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans. No reef. No ocean. No air. Simple as this. So, you can adopt a coral, name it and Coral Gardeners will take care of sending your one-of-a-kind gift to a loved one. 

Why do trees matter? Trees are the best technology to absorb carbon and regulate climate. They help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Trees improve our health! 

Choose an inspiring quote about trees and send a personalized Tree quote card as a gift to someone special. Each card plants one tree. 

Why do oceans matter? Oceans provide countless benefits to our planet and all the creatures that live here. Covering 72% of the Earth and supplying half of its oxygen, the ocean is our planet’s life support system. 

The Clean Ocean movement directly funds the removal of trash from the ocean, rivers and coastlines. It looks easy but it implies a global cleanup crew and operation. You can make a difference by selecting the amount of pounds you want to pull to remove trash from the ocean. This Christmas is the right time to start to end the plastic ocean crisis. 


You have the power to choose and support local businesses, fair trade, small scale, natural materials, certification, conscious packaging, reusable and recyclable, zero waste. And you’ll be making an impact.



Give experiences and less waste

This is the time to convert to online subscriptions or just offer a one-shot experience. And it can be a surprising and greener way to:

  • READ AN AUDIOBOOK, a newspaper or a magazine 
  • LISTEN TO MUSIC OR PODCASTS - you can make a joyful playlist and share with someone
  • RIDE A BIKE OR START CAR-SHARING - fewer cars on the roads and more people on bikes and sharing cars is the sustainable way to go. 

Give eco-friendly daily rituals


The most basic things in life deserve to be rethought to be more functional and eco-friendly, right? Go green on your daily oral care routine and offer the World’s 1st Climate Neutral Toothpaste & Toothbrush, natural and vegan. Make someone smile with this useful kit. And we’ll also plant one treeper each toothbrush order to compensate for the carbon generated from our delivery service.


Billions of disposable razors are sent to landfill each year. A bamboo razor is focused on lowering the environmental impact and it looks beautiful on any sustainable bathroom.


For coffee lovers, this direct-to-consumer company roasts and curates single-origin coffee beans cutting down on waste and distribution emissions. Plus, uses 100% composting and waste-free packaging. 

For tea lovers, the sustainable choice is always loose leafs ethically sourced and in plastic-free, compostable and recyclable boxes.


Non-toxic, all-natural fragrant and de-stress candles will light a smile on a loved one for sure. 

Give second-hand 

  • Offering a used giftcould be the most sustainable and purse-friendly option. And you’ll be decluttering and sparking joy.
  • Choose something you own and you no longer use i.e. scarf, a good book, knitted jumper, kitchen accessory, beret, photo frame… wrap it nicely, reusing and recycling as much as possible. Find inspirationhere


Lastly, here’s the ultimate and personal tip from our amazing characters: 

Boo: My all-time favorite gift is a postcard handwritten and sent by standard email with a nice stamp in the old fashioned way. Make sure you post soon to arrive on time!


Bam: Xmas is all about cooking & eating too. So I will bake my favourite cinnamon and ginger cookies and ask Boo to give me a hand in wrapping them. I can see you are already mouthwatering ;) 


Find more ideas to celebrate Xmas at home safe & smiling hereAnd remember we need more joy than ever! Happy Holiday Season!

Feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas and tips. Join our community!



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