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7 Summer Lasting Must Haves

  • 3 min read

Natural Care Summer Lasting Must Haves | Bam&Boo

Are you the kind of person who loves to make your tan last until Christmas? Then we have just the right tips, tricks, and products for you. Come find out our 7 best products for a lasting summer on your skin.

One of the best things about summer are the long days and the endless hours we spend under the sun. But we all know how damaging this can be to our skin. So, remember to always apply your SPF, spend the hottest hours in the shade and drink a lot of water.

While the hours we spend outside sunbathing or enjoying the amazing summer weather will give us a gorgeous tan, it is important to remember, the care we have afterwards makes a world of a difference not only on the health of our skin but in making your luminous tan last long after the summer is gone.

Hydration is one of the key elements for the health of your skin from the inside to the outside. Secondly exfoliating will decongest and help your skin keep its glow. By keeping your skin healthy and hydrated you’re avoiding your skin shedding and allowing your tan to shine through. Take a look at the seven products that will help you keep your summer glow.

Dry Body Oil

DRY BODY OIL | Bam&Boo | Eco-friendly and sustainable oral care and personal care

With sweet almond oil and sunflower oil our Dry Body Oil will make your skin luminous and enhance your tan. As an oil, it is super hydrating, which is perfect if you’ve just spent the whole day swimming in the ocean or the pool or sunbathing. Putting our skin through these conditions can be very dehydrating leaving your skin appearing dry and dull. When applying our oil, your skin will soak up for maximum hydration and a smooth goddess like end look.


Apply it after an evening shower while your skin is still wet or damp. The sweet mango scent is a wonderful plus!

Body Scrub

BODY SCRUB | Bam&Boo | Eco-friendly and sustainable oral care and personal care

Looking for a scrub that has a zero-waste approach? Then let yourself get emersed by our wonderful body scrub. Made with ground Olive pits and vegetable glycerin it’s perfect for the summer as it’s a soft scrub that prevents skin dehydration and irritation, whilst effectively removing dead skin cells, allowing your skin to glow.


Make sure you don’t overdo this step, as it can easily have the reverse effect on your skin leaving it dull and dehydrated. Stick to once a week.

Body Hydrating Cream

BODY HYDRATING CREAM | Bam&Boo | Eco-friendly and sustainable oral care and personal care

You must’ve realized by now that hydration is the key to promote healthy looking skin, making your tan last and releasing its natural glow. With our Body Cream you’re getting top notch hydration. This cream is perfect if you like a lightweight effective moisturizer. A power combo of coconut oil and mango butter, it prevents skin aging and promotes cellular health and tissue repair.

Body Brush

BODY BRUSH | Bam&Boo | Eco-friendly and sustainable oral care and personal care

If exfoliating in the shower is not a thing for you, dry brushing is a great alternative. A practice that has had an increasing popularity over the last few years but may still be unfamiliar to some. The list of benefits includes detoxifying the skin, stimulating the nervous system, emphasizing skins radiant glow and gentle scrub.


How to use it? The best time is to do it in the morning or right before you shower. Start on your feet and gently brush up in short swifts until you’ve done your whole body.

Soap Bar Cocoa & Rosemary

SOAP BAR | Cocoa & Rosemary | Bam&Boo | Eco-friendly and sustainable oral care and personal care

With every step of your routine make sure you get the best care, so why not start right from the moment you shower. Antioxidant-rich rosemary revitalizes the skin, while cocoa assists skin healing, boosts blood flow and provides deep hydration.

Face Hydrating Cream

FACE HYDRATING CREAM | Bam&Boo | Eco-friendly and sustainable oral care and personal care

Although you should always be way more precautious with the exposure of your face to the sun, never miss out on your daily moisturizer. Our Face Hydrating Cream offers 24hrs hydration and has soothing and regenerative properties. Additionally, as it is made from Mango Butter it also offers a Natural UV protection, nonetheless you should never use this as a replacement for SPF. Combine the two and get young looking skin with envious glow, all year around.

Powder Face Mask Purifying

POWDER FACE MASK | Purifying | Bam&Boo | Eco-friendly and sustainable oral care and personal care

Last but not least, we couldn’t forget to mention the best product to help you get rid of all the impurities in your skin. Deep cleanse your skin with our Powder Face Mask Purifying, unclog your pores and leave your skin ready for full hydration.

After going through all of this, we’re sure you’ve realized, the better you care for your skin, the higher the chances of your tan lasting twice as long.

Let us know which of these make it into your permanent routine ;)

Think Big and Take Care.


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