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Am I Using Too Much Toothpaste?

  • 4 min read

Am I Using Too Much Toothpaste? | The Bam&Boo Blog | Bam&Boo Bamboo Toothbrush

Spoiler alert: you probably are using too much toothpaste. Learn here the truth and the myth about the amount of toothpaste to use.

All the commercials and adverts about toothpaste show a perfectly wave-shaped piece of toothpaste that covers the entirety of the bristles in the toothbrush. Does it look good? Well, it does. But is this how we should use toothpaste? Not really.

This perfectly long and wavy piece of toothpaste serves only marketing purposes, In addition it’s very difficult to achieve that perfect wave and it is also way too much toothpaste. 

How much is too much toothpaste?

We assure you the amount of toothpaste recommended by both manufacturers and dentists is less than one-quarter of the amount you see used in commercials. Every time you brush your teeth, you should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, and that’s it.

A pea-sized dab of toothpaste is perfectly effective in cleaning your teeth and the amount of fluoride in it should be more than enough to keep your teeth protected. As such, anything more than a “pea” is just waste.

Would you waste three quarters of your favourite shampoo, shower gel, or body lotion? Probably not. But this is what often happens with toothpaste: three-quarters of every tube of toothpaste go literally down the drain.

Beware of harmful effects of too much toothpaste

Waste is not the main problem. Too much toothpaste affects health, namely children’s  which are still under development. Watch out for too much exposure to fluoride, because it can have harmful effects on their bones and teeth.

Why does my toothpaste have fluoride? Check here 5 reasons why our toothpaste has fluoride!

And even if dentists and manufacturers discourage the over-use of toothpaste, some popular myths try to justify using up to four times more toothpaste than needed. 

Myth #1. More toothpaste equals more cleanliness

If this were the case, then all dental problems could be solved by using a full tube of toothpaste every time, right? But this is not true. Just like using more soap won’t make your hands cleaner. Most kinds of toothpaste are specifically made to be effective in cleaning the whole mouth with just a pea-sized amount.

Myth #2. More toothpaste equals fresher breath

This one might be true, but only for a very short period – this temporary freshness lasts for some seconds or minutes. Saliva is naturally responsible for keeping bad breath away, provided one has correct dental hygiene and does not suffer from any condition like halitosis. In fact, that is why we normally wake up with “morning breath”. When we sleep, the production of saliva decreases and that can cause a slightly dry mouth, which in turn will cause unpleasant breath. Brushing two times a day after meals, drinking plenty of water, and not smoking should be enough to keep bad breath away.

Myth #3. Using more toothpaste does not have any impacts

Using too much toothpaste is a waste and can even affect health, especially in children. Firstly, wasting toothpaste will hurt your wallet, as you’re washing away 75% of the money you spend on toothpaste, for no reason. Secondly, wasting anything is not eco-friendly, as more resources will be consumed – and at this point, the old wasteful days are in the past. And lastly, using too much toothpaste can cause an over-exposure to fluoride (although the amounts used are generally not harmful to healthy adults). The normal concentration of fluoride in toothpaste is around 1000 to 1500 ppm (parts per million). 

This overexposure can cause dental and gastric problems. Children are more susceptible to this because not only are they smaller and their bodies are still developing, but they also tend to swallow toothpaste.


Keeping tabs on the right amount

And how do you ensure you use just the right amount of toothpaste, then? Have you heard of toothpaste tabs? Well, if not, keep reading because the tabs are here to stay.

The new The Bam&Boo Toothpaste Tabs are small solid tablets made of toothpaste, that you can chew on to break and create a foam.

Sounds complicated? It is not. You just need to bite into the toothpaste tablet like it was a sweet, chew on it once or twice and start brushing your teeth with a wet toothbrush. The water in the toothbrush, as well as your saliva, will soften the toothpaste tablet and turn it into a paste.

But what are the benefits of using toothpaste tabs instead of a regular tube toothpaste? Well, the first one is obvious: no more toothpaste waste! The Bam&Boo Toothpaste Tabs are perfectly sized, with the amount of toothpaste recommended for complete dental hygiene, so you won’t need to worry about using too much or too little toothpaste.

The Bam&Boo Toothpaste Tabs are also zero-waste, since they come inside a handy tin that can be reused, and they are completely plastic-free and vegan! But that’s not all: these tabs are convenient and practical, don’t accidentally squeeze out in your backpack, are lightweight and since they are solid, toothpaste tabs do not count as a liquid in airports – perfect for travelling!

And if you’re giving the Toothpaste Tabs a go, complement it with The Bam&Boo Toothbrush – it is vegan, CF, and Carbon Neutral!


Feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas and tips. Join our community!



(Photo by freestocks on Unsplash)

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