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How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle
(10 Easy Ideas)

  • 3 min read

How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle (10 Easy Ideas) | The Bam&Boo Blog | Bam&Boo Bamboo Toothbrush


To live a more sustainable lifestyle takes energy, dedication and brings overall happiness. These 10 ideas came out of a bucket list for 2020 among our Bam&Boo community and our team. These ideas are an actionable and easy way for you to get started. If you want more in-depth measures, check the United Nations sustainable development goals for other ideas.


What does it mean to live a sustainable lifestyle? 

We live a sustainable lifestyle when we protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, making conscious choices to preserve the future of the planet while not compromising our way of life. 

Be reminded that living more sustainably means simplifying your life and this will surely result in more happinessScience confirms that there is a connection between your quality of life and the sustainability of life that you choose to lead.

So take a look at these 10 easy ideas, convert them to habits on a daily basis. Remember, living sustainably demands continuous commitmentHopefully, you’ll be a living role modelof how to interact sustainably with the environment all year long. Let’s do this together as a community.


the bam and boo instragram pictures about eco friendy, sustainbale living, zero waste, conscious consumption


1. Refuse Plastic and Go Waste Free

Plastic doesn’t decompose as organic material does. So let’s avoid single-use plastics, choose less packaging, switch to all-natural products and buy bulk. Also, learn to reuse and repurpose products instead of shopping new because this will minimize unnecessary waste.

There are several Instagrammers that can help you with it. Simply follow them to start learning how to live a zero-waste life:

(Us 😊 ) @thebamandboo


10 ideas for a more sustainable way of living - lifestyle - eco friendly


2. Walk More and Drive Less

The environment and your health benefits every time you reduce the use of your car. Plan carpooling, use public transportation, bike, and scooter sharing. It's less polluting and so much fun!
Also, you can always compensate your CO2 emissions in the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform. There you'll be able to directly support projects around the world that will offset your emissions.


3. Eat Less Meat

A quarter of food emissions come from animal products. You don’t have to sacrifice and stop eating meat overnight, nor become a vegetarian or vegan. But be aware that reducing the intake of meat impacts your purse, personal health and in the health of our planet.

Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact (...) It is far bigger than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car.

So at least be interested and conscious of where your meat comes from.


10 ideas for a more sustainable way of living - lifestyle - eco friendly - go vegan - go green - green saturday


4. Change Mindsets

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” This simple and powerful quote by Buddha ignites personal transformation in order to create sustainable living. And share your examplewith family and friends.
Goal number 13 of the UN sustainable goals talks exactly about this. Take action, speak about it and don't let people ignore it. 



5. Plant Trees

Trees are the best technology to suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse global warming. Join us in planting one tree per day!
A typical tree can absorb almost 22 kilograms (48 pounds) of carbon dioxide per year. 

10 ideas for a more sustainable way of living - we plant a tree - planting trees - carbon compensation


6. Buy Local Food and Seasonal

The further a banana has travelled, especially if it is refrigerated or frozen, the more energy it has taken to be delivered at your table. So to reduce the carbon footprint of your food, focus on knowing the origin of what you buy and eat.


10 ideas for a more sustainable way of living - lifestyle - eco friendly


7. Give Back

Adopting sustainable living practices is indeed a philanthropic effort to give back to future generations and it has a ripple effect. Families that share a 'green' lifestyle with their children are encouraging them to make similar decisions as they get older.



8. Compost More 

Undoubtedly one of the best things you can do for the planet. Get a composting bin to dispose of your food scraps and by reducing waste you’ll be reducing your environmental impact.


9. Embrace minimalism

Who has never collected something, cast the first stone. Going minimalist is all about decluttering your home and your life. Make sure that you are using everything you own to its maximum purpose and donating everything you don't. You’ll feel more mindful of what you have and need.



10. Meditate

Being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings and just focusing on the present moment helps hugely to live sustainably. Because you are less influenced by the pressure of emotions and you are more likely to make conscious choices.



We are happy to welcome our blog readers with a special offer - 30% off your first subscription order. Use code "BLOG30" at checkout.  :)


Feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas and tips. Join our community!



2 Responses



February 18, 2020

Close water when you wash your tooth !

Pedro Miguel Cruz Henriques de Moura Belo

Pedro Miguel Cruz Henriques de Moura Belo

February 18, 2020

Olá, estou de acordo com essas ideias!
Sensacional! Eu ja à cerca de 2/3 anos q comecei a praticar esses"10 mandamentos "e actualmente inscrevi-me num clube onde tenho uma parcela de terreno para cultivar bio-produtos.
O importante é transmitir esta mensagem!
Eu acho q estamos no bom caminho pois assiste-se a uma nova onda a favor do meio Ambiente!
Hà muito a fazer mas o inicio està foto!
Eu vivo na Alemanha e tb estou a assistir a esse fenomeno,claro q nas zonas rurais é mais visivel!!

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